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For fans who want to make an offer to sit in those empty seats prevalent at most every live event - For Box offices with unsold tickets that are about to expire: HungryTickets is the Solution! Welcome to "The Evolution" of the ticket resale market.

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- HungryTickets is a Registered USPTO, on-line ticket exchange, created for the sole purpose of generating revenue from the hundreds of thousands of live entertainment tickets, which go either unsold or unused on a daily basis.

- The ticket brokerage world, which Access Wire, recently referred to as, “a multibillion-dollar powerhouse,” has gone through incredible changes in the past decade, the most notable being the emergence of now industry leader, Stubhub.

- Since its conception, Stubhub, an on-line marketplace purchased by eBay in 2007, has cornered a major share in the secondary ticket re-sale market with daily sales estimated to be in the millions. Through aggressive marketing and a creative image, Stubhub has significantly bridged the gap between original ticket owners and ultimate end-users.

- What Stubhub has failed to do, however, is to capitalize on the prodigious untapped potential for revenue being left on the sidelines everyday due to unsold or unused tickets. A sample, taken from a current on-line Broadway theatre publication, showed that during a recent seven day period in New York City, Broadway theatres combined to gross over $23 million in sales. These numbers were based on the theaters being filled at 81.54% capacity, which leaves 18.46% or roughly over $4 million worth of unsold seats in a few theaters for that week alone!

- When these same numbers are multiplied by the astronomical number of worldwide: theatres, arenas, stadiums, Luxury Suites and other venues, the monetary amounts become staggering.

- Unlike Stubhub and the never-ending evolution of Stubhub wannabes, Hungry Tickets believes that in the world of secondary market ticketing, the buying power of end-users is often undervalued. It would seem logical that in a case where supply is greater than demand, especially when the product has an expiration date, a buyer should have a much greater say in a product’s end worth. However, if there is not a means by which a buyer is able to make an offer to trigger activity, the seller’s price, by default, continues to stand unchallenged. This way of trading not only hurts the buyer, but it often results in the seller getting stuck with seats which he would have happily taken less for. By linking our newly created, buyer-driven algorithm to our unprecedented customer acquisition strategy, Hungry Tickets now has the solution to this problem.

- HungryTicket’s Research and Development has combined revolutionary technology with over 35 years of ticket brokering experience, to create a mechanized on-line market, which will forever change the way in which tickets are bought and sold.

- Our passionate Hungry Tickets staff looks forward to demonstrating our new automation as well answering all your questions as, together; we take a giant step into the next generation of ticket sales.

Thank you.

Tom Leigh, Founder, CEO

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