• Keep an eye out for HungryTickets confirmation emails. 
    • We will notify you by first confirming your order, then by confirming that your tickets have been transferred to you.
  • Check your email inbox for a ticket transfer email from the seller. 
    • This email will come from a different platform and should arrive at the same time that you receive the ticket transfer confirmation email from HungryTickets.
  • Follow the instructions on the ticket transfer email. 
    • You will need to click the provided link to begin the process of accepting your tickets.
  • Create a new account or log in to the redirected site. 
    • We advise that you use the same email address that was used to create your HungryTickets account or place the order.
  • Follow the provided instructions to accept your tickets. 
    • You will be given steps by the site to accept your tickets. Follow them until you can view your event tickets.
  • Access your tickets through a web browser or mobile device. 
    • To present your mobile tickets at the event, you must show the QR codes associated with them. Do this by logging in to the ticket acceptance page.

Simply go to My Account –> Buyer – Ticket Bid –> Cancel button to the right of the relevant order.

  1. Go to the original ticket provider site and log in to your account 
  2. Navigate to the “My Tickets” section and find the exact event for the tickets you sold.
  3. Select the event and search for the option to transfer tickets through the original ticket provider site.
  4. Select the specific tickets and proceed.
  5. Review the email sent to you after the sale was confirmed to view the necessary recipient information for sending.
  6. Enter the recipient’s information, including Name, Email Address, and an optional Note.
  7. Click “Send” and that’s it! You have now sent your tickets.
  8. After successfully transferring tickets, return to the HungryTickets seller page and confirm the transfer by providing the specific ticket transfer confirmation number.

Payment will be transferred to the seller’s account 24 hours (1 day) after the event occurs. This is done for the buyer’s protection and to avoid any fraudulent, duplicate, or void ticket sales.

We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction. If a buyer or seller has any problem with the ticket transfer process, we will take care of it. In some cases, it means a full refund, and in others, it may mean connecting a new buyer and seller together. Our goal is to make every customer happy and incentivize them to return. We want to be your choice when buying or selling tickets.

How To​

Transfer Tickets on Mobile
Ticketmaster Example

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Transfer Tickets on Computer
Ticketmaster Example

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